Entry: Carrie, your family, friends, and fans adore you. Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Carrie, congratulations on winning not one, not two, but 3 Billboard Music Awards!
Rest assured, your family, your friends, and your devoted fans are behind you
100% and are sharing your joy as you continue to collect even more pinch-me
moments. Your performance at the Billboard Music Awards was astounding and you looked like you were really enjoying yourself as you brought the audience to a level of excitement unprecedented that evening. They were electrified and howling with delight as you held that now famously climactic note during Some Hearts. You have indeed fulfilled one of your many goals by giving great pleasure to those fortunate to be in your audience. Keep on doing what you're doing and you'll continue to give happiness to millions
for years to come! 

Thank you! 

Your friends at CarrieNEWS.com

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Carrie Marie Underwood Fan
May 24, 2006   01:16 PM PDT
I think Carrie is...in a word. PHENOMINAL! She is beautiful inside and out and she is so talented and true to herself. I do not think she will get big headed over all this. I am so proud of her!!!
December 9, 2005   09:39 AM PST
I was at the Country Cares concert last night with Carrie, LeAnn, and Martina!!! Carrie only sang about 35 minutes though!!! LeAnn sang about an hour, and Martina sang for about 2 hours!!! They all held at least one deafening and long note!!! It was awesome!!! Everyone was screaming really loud!!! I loved it!!!
December 7, 2005   09:31 PM PST
Love it Rich! I love all the devotion you pour into making sure Carrie know's how loved and supported she is here and everywhere...not to mention, accomplished! LOVE IT!
BTW....love that picture of Carrie, she was ROCKING at the BMA's you can really tell that she truly enjoyed herself!! LOVE YOU CARRIE!! You are sensational!!
November 25, 2005   07:11 AM PST
Awesome job on the main site there Rich nice to see your site taking off .
November 24, 2005   02:32 PM PST
Great job Richie!!! Great way to show Carrie that we are behind her 100% and that we are VERY proud of her and her accomplishments!! Way to go Carrie!!! WE LOVE YOU!

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